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What is NEXDEX?

NEXDEX is a decentralized perpetuals exchange hosted on its own L1 blockchain, NEXDEX Chain. The main features of NEXDEX include full transparency, a high - performance blockchain and trading terminal, as well as incredibly stable methods of generating additional income.

Trading Reward.

Continue trading as usual while accruing Trading Rewards.

Every 25 days (epoch) 2,800,000 NDT tokens are distributed among all traders based on the amount of trading fees paid. Trade more to earn more NDT!

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Paid out Trading Rewards.


The data will appear after the launch of the protocol


All earned trading fees are distributed 100% to NDT stakers!

Stake your NDT, increase the decentralization of the NEXDEX Chain, and take part in the distribution of all network and trading fees based on your stake and selected validators.

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Paid out Staking Rewards.


The data will appear after the launch of the protocol

NDT Token.

NEXDEX's entire infrastructure hinges on a single token, NDT, combining all benefits of an exchange token and beyond.

Limited Supply.

500 000 000 NDT. Maximum supply!

Limited Mining Period.

Will be mined in ~5 years. Clear and fixed issue time frame.


Trade as usual and receive Trading Rewards.

Fees Distribution.

Gives the opportunity to participate in the distribution of all the exchange fees.


Staking increases the scarcity of the circulating supply.

Trading Reward.

Trading Reward and OLP contribute to the growth of liquidity and trading activity.

Hedging Trading Risks.

Trading and Staking Rewards hedge your trading losses.


The total supply is 500,000,000 NDT and is allocated over a period of ~5 years (75 epochs) as follows:

Trading Rewards 42%
By 2,800,000 NDT per epoch
Open Liquidity Program 15%
By 1,000,000 NDT per epoch
Development 12%
Engineering, marketing, partnerships, legal, listings etc.
Founders & team 20%
1st year locked ->
2y linear vesting
Strategic Investors 9%
1st year locked ->
2y linear vesting
Network fees wallet 2%
To cover validator's fees


NDT Mined


0% of the total supply

NDT Price


Market Cap






Total Supply



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