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What is NEXDEX?

NEXDEX is a decentralized perpetuals exchange hosted on its own L1 blockchain, NEXDEX Chain. The main features of NEXDEX include full transparency, a high - performance blockchain and trading terminal, as well as incredibly stable methods of generating additional income.

Trading Reward.

Continue trading as usual while accruing Trading Rewards.

Every 25 days (epoch) 2,800,000 NDT tokens are distributed among all traders based on the amount of trading fees paid. Trade more to earn more NDT!

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Paid out Trading Rewards.


The data will appear after the launch of the protocol


50% of all trading fees are distributed to NDT stakers!

Stake your NDT, increase the decentralization of the NEXDEX Chain, and take part in the distribution of all network and trading fees based on your stake and selected validators.

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Paid out Staking Rewards.


The data will appear after the launch of the protocol

NDT Token.

NEXDEX's entire infrastructure hinges on a single token, NDT, combining all benefits of an exchange token and beyond.

Limited Supply.

500 000 000 NDT. Maximum supply!

Limited Mining Period.

Will be mined in ~5 years. Clear and fixed issue time frame.


Trade as usual and receive Trading Rewards.

Fees Distribution.

Gives the opportunity to participate in the distribution of all the exchange fees.


Staking increases the scarcity of the circulating supply.

Trading Reward.

Trading Reward and OLP contribute to the growth of liquidity and trading activity.

Hedging Trading Risks.

Trading and Staking Rewards hedge your trading losses.


The total supply is 500,000,000 NDT and is allocated over a period of ~5 years (75 epochs) as follows:

Trading Rewards 40%
By 2,800,000 NDT per epoch
Open Liquidity Program 15%
By 1,000,000 NDT per epoch
Treasury 14%
Operational costs, Development, Marketing, Partnerships, Legal, Listings, Liquidity etc.
Founders & team 15%
1st year locked ->
2y linear vesting
Strategic Investors 14%
1st year locked ->
2y linear vesting
Network fees wallet 2%
To cover validator's fees


NDT Mined


0% of the total supply

NDT Price


Market Cap






Total Supply



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«Overview» Section.

The section provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring various key indicators, including Balances, PNL, trading history, and more.

The «Trading Reward» metric provides an interim preview of the upcoming NDT distribution.


The interface of the trading terminal has been meticulously crafted to deliver a fluid user experience, drawing inspiration from the most proficient centralized exchanges (CEXs) in the market.

It furnishes a streamlined overview of positions, coupled with advanced configurations that outperform those found in alternative decentralized exchanges.

Rooted in extensive market insights and years of expertise, the platform equips traders with the most adept tools for precise trading.

Unique view of a Position.

The distinctive position display integrates cutting-edge trading tools with NEXDEX's efficiency-focused approach. The challenge of scattered information has been effectively addressed by consolidating all contract trade data within a single position.

The core information essential for continuous visibility is now seamlessly integrated into the collapsed position. Enhancing the clarity of the position's status, a visual block has been meticulously designed to provide insight into the imminent triggering of Take Profit, Stop Loss, or liquidation.

A position can be unfolded twice. The initial unfolding presents data encompassing all orders linked to this position, including Funding payments. Subsequently, the second unfolding presents a comprehensive overview of a specific order, along with all executed trades associated with it.

Advanced Position Settings.

To improve trading performance, a position is always opened in the terminal and closed in a special settings window. This is done in order to add maximum functions without mixing them.

In the "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit" tabs, you can set any amount of fractional Limit and Stop orders. In the "Reduce" tab you can reduce any part of position by market order. Useful for quickly releasing margin to open a new, promising position or to make a quick profit.


There are three different rankings: Trading, Staking and Trading Reward.

Trading Ranking lists traders by Profit/Loss ratio, trading volume and PNL at selected timeframes.

Staking Ranking sorts NDT stakers by the size of paid rewards over 24 hours and the proportion of their stake relative to all staked NDT. It helps to understand the approximate percentage of reward based on the size of the stake.

Trading Reward Ranking displays the amount of fees paid and preliminary share of the NDT reward distribution.

Market Information.

You always have the option to view open interest, liquidation volume and Long/Short ratio for any of the markets.

Public User Profile.

In any of the three Rankings, you can navigate to a user's profile and track all of their trading and earnings-related information. While user identities remain undisclosed, complete transparency stands as the foundational principle of Web3. Undoubtedly, this feature will greatly assist numerous novice traders in enhancing their trading prowess. Additionally, for those who achieve remarkable outcomes, it will naturally introduce a "Karma Bonus" (in addition to the fundamental bonuses in the form of Trading and Staking Rewards, of course).

Efficient Metrics.

Analyze you performance as trader and NDT holder in details

Smart Start with NEXDEX.


Trade on NEXDEX

With the most efficient trading tools.


Receive Trading Rewards

Every epoch based on the amount of trading fees paid.


Stake NDT

Choose the most suitable validator based on the criteria of Voting Power, Uptime, and APR.


Receive Staking Rewards

Depending on the activity of the selected validators and your share in their stake.


Hedge your risks

Trading and Staking Rewards, in addition to a separate way of earning, can partially or completely cover the losses of trading.


Smart Investment

By possessing NDT tokens, you secure a consistent income in USDT stablecoin.

Most Active Users.

Ranking: Leveraging Platform Openness
for All NEXDEX Users.

Those who trade profitably over the long term will inevitably receive alternative income (Trading + Staking Reward), which potentially can sustain them for many years. In return, they share their positions with other users, improving trading quality and minimizing losses, following the true ideology of complete transparency, which was embedded in the early days of Web3. It's a win-win!

Special attention is paid to bloggers, because now anyone can visit your profile when you share the result of your position. Many people are probably tired of promises of "unique traders who make money out of thin air". Now everyone is advised to open a position on NEXDEX to gain the trust of their audience.

Trading Ranking.
After launching the Beta testnet, a list of users with the best results will be displayed here.
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Trading Reward Ranking.
After launching the Beta testnet, a list of users with the best results will be displayed here.
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Staking Ranking.
After launching the Beta testnet, a list of users with the best results will be displayed here.
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Global Mission.

Staking Reward: Providing unstoppable income in USDT collected from different markets.

Having NDT is much more than just holding! NDT staking offers a stable income from the distribution of 50% of trading fees and 100% of network fees. In contrast, owning most coins guarantees nothing.

For this reason, immediately after the launch of the mainnet, developers will actively begin integrating new markets, as well as implementing spot cross-chain trading. This is guaranteed to enhance the scalability of fee collection and result in a noticeable increase in Staking Rewards. NEXDEX's mission is to create a DEX that will diversify NDT stakers' income across different markets.

All network fees (in NDT) and trading fees (in USDT) go directly to the validators. From the received amount, the validator takes his commission, and the rest is directed to his NDT stakers. This approach enhances the decentralization and stability of the NEXDEX Chain, as well as encourages holding NDT for the long term.

More fees
Higher Staking Rewards
More demand for NDT
More staked NDT Less circulating supply
Hedging of trading risks
Stable income for many years
Increasing decentralization of the NEXDEX Chain

NEXDEX is hosted on its own standalone L1 blockchain

which is built using advanced technologies for professional DEX trading, including an on-chain order book and protection from front-running attacks through the use of the Frequent Batch Auction (FBA) algorithm. L1 provides users with a completely open and secure trading process. Additionally, the developer team takes care of all network fees, so you only need to pay trading fees.

The True DEX:


Order speed = Block speed in 0.9 sec.


Protection against Front-running attacks within a block thanks to the order execution algorithm.


Storing only necessary information by nodes is a bonus to speed.


Max TPS is 10 000.


Parallelism-friendly algorithm for determining the market order price.


Low gas fees for sending transactions for trading directly through the blockchain, or no fees at all for trading through the NEXDEX exchange.

Totally on-chain.

All transactions, including order execution, Trading and Staking Reward distribution, are done On-Chain.


Cosmos SDK and Tendermint - a proven recipe for building high-performance and reliable blockchains.


Full openness within the Layer 1 blockchain.





Blocks Produced


On-chain Transaction


Block Time

$ 0.01

Average Transaction Cost

Always in Touch.


NEXDEX is currently in the Beta stage.

Mainnet launch in 2024. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with trading in advance.

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